Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Barnsley to Newham

My head is still spinning from the excitement of our recent road trip from Barnsley to Newham. It was a whirlwind couple of days stacked with lots of photography, filmmaking, drawing, writing, walking, talking, looking,  exploring, thinking, sharing....and driving!! We set off with bags full of ideas and have come back with even more! The scale of the project has suddenly presented itself and whilst being quite daunting it is fantastic to be part of such an exciting, challenging and inspirational project. I took literally hundreds of pictures during the road trip including our start and end point - the Town Halls in each location.

 Plus here are a few images captured along the way at Creswell Crags...

 And here's a little taster of whats to come...

Early morning at the Docks

Street Cleaning

I am working on many more images from the Barnsley to Newham Trip and am beginning to draw parallels with the images I have already captured in Barnsley. I promise to post more very soon, so please keep checking back!

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