Friday, 24 February 2012

154 Day 2 too part 2

Onto my spot outside for drawing. 0 degrees (Cant find a little circle sign on my computer so have to write out the whole word), can feel the warmth of the sun on my back. Hotel California on the Andean Pan pipes- Bizarre, and the cold makes me make less lines- which I like. All this time I've been taking some lines for granted. Drawing in and out of consciousness- or rather drawing some times with consciousness and sometimes they just appear- I like those ones.

What is it with Barnsley City Centre and a plethora of mobility scooters? A very active mobility awareness? I find myself drawing lots of them as they criss cross my vision. There are 2 people chat chat chatting alongside each other whilst driving across from right to left, then a few minutes later back, left to right, then a 1/2 hour later right to left again.
I begin to notice everything with wheels, pushchairs, wheel chairs, trolleys, wheelie bin and it's man. "If you look at things with a pencil + paper in your hands you are going to see far more " D. Hockney.
Over and out til next time, watch this spot. LS

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