Friday, 8 June 2012

Last Day of Collaboration - for now.....

The collaborative painting project between Jonathan Grauel and Fabric Lenny at the Cooper Gallery, came to a close today following the creation of eight A1 monochrome paintings, using acrylic paints and Posca pens.  The duo were fortunate enough to have 3 days together following the launch of the 154 Exhibition.

More Visiting Young Artists

A final and fruitful day of collaborative painting for Jonathan Grauel and Fabric Lenny at the Cooper Gallery. Again they were joined by several families and young artists, some of them appear below...

Thursday, 7 June 2012

More images from the 154 Launch

More images from the 154 Exhibition Launch. Thanks to 154 Collective artist Richard Hanson!

More Visits from Young Artists

Today Jonathan Grauel and Fabric Lenny continued to work collaboratively at the Cooper Gallery on a series of new paintings alongside the 154 exhibition, and were again joined by visiting young artists and enthusiastic adults.
Working on King / Queen Canvases to add to the exhibition

Two Kings by Leo and Oscar

JG Painting

Collaborations in Progress

The Collaborations develop

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Benjamin and Jonathan join the 154 Collective!

We were very fortunate to have Jonathan Grauel and Benjamin Rabe join us for the 154 Exhibition launch at the Cooper Gallery at the weekend. They have both contributed stunning work to the exhibition, along with a fantastic workshop on Saturday afternoon. Jonathan flew in from the US and Benjamin flew in from Germany. This amazing picture of the two of them was captured by the lovely Heike who flew in from Germany with Benjamin. Fingers crossed for having them all join us again soon!

154 Exhibition Opens

The 154 Exhibition Launch event at the weekend was a great success. It was wonderful to see so many people visit the Cooper Gallery and explore our exhibition. Thanks to everyone who came along to support us - the atmosphere was superb. Thanks also to Giuliano Modarelli and Nick Lewis for providing the live music.

As promised the 154 Exhibition offers a fresh gallery experience, inviting you to look up, get down on your knees, listen, watch and even contribute through drawing and writing. Here are a few images from the Launch taken by Yvonne Roberts....with many more to come! The Exhibition runs until 1st September so feel free to come and visit!

3 amazing visitors to the 154 Exhibition Today!

Today Fabric Lenny and Jonathan Grauel were painting at the Cooper Gallery as an extension of the 154 Exhibition launch activities. They were joined be 3 amazing young artists from Barnsley and their lovely Mum, who called in to enjoy the work. They created the drawings below and added a mini canvas each to the exhibition - YAY!

From the comments book - Fantastic!!

154 Exhibition Launch Day - Workshops

The 154 Exhibition Launch Day kicked off with a fantastic workshop led by Jonathan Grauel (USA) and Benjamin Rabe (Germany). Together they walked a group of children from Birdwell Primary School and St Helen's Primary School through the Exhibition and used it as a starting point for collaborative drawings. Children were drawing with traditional art materials and were also painting on iPads. There was a wonderful buzz and excitement amongst the children which spread through the gallery. Here are some images from the workshop captured by Yvonne Roberts...