Friday, 16 March 2012

154 Day 3 and 4 for 1 or more

I have a good excuse- for being so long in posting my next blog, It's Spring now but in the winter, a month ago I had a sledging accident, ran over a child, the child was fine but I had to have an op on my eye- good excuse?
Straight to the cafe and braved a different one this time, but I could still draw people "Over the partition" into next door. I did some blatant voyeurism (Where's the verb in that ?) Spectator , spectator. I like drawing people half hidden, I wonder why? maybe because a bit of hiding allows the spectator to the drawing be part of the drawing as they are being silently invited to imagine- maybe its because I don't often draw whole faces...but I now know the intimate details of your ear..
It was winter for drawings nos 52- 114, and like Dan + Yvonne you don't need to ask what the weather is like, you can just look at the people. Somebody came over to have a look
" Bus Stations' centrally heated you know" seeing my dilemma, drawing in the cold.
I did nip back to the car for an extra pair of gloves. Maybe drawing with gloves on will make for an interesting freedom of marks- nope, that didn't work but I could have one hand with 2 gloves on and t'other with only 1- That's possible for controlling my lines.
I need to fall in love with that pillar on the right, it's no good just scribbling it on each time as I want it for the constant- I need to like it a bit, even love it a little. Caress those curves. Hope it's warmer next time.
Drove home, I thought I still had my seatbelt on but it was just my tight braces from my winter kegs, ooh nice feelings to get home, braces off, feet up + mull over the 54 drawings I did today of Barnsley people.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

41 of 154

Here is a sample of the many images created by Jonathan Grauel and Fabric Lenny for the 154 project. Together they are attempting to make 154 collaborative drawings before the exhibition launch in early June. The images have been made collaboratively in real-time using the iPad and an amazing app called Sketchshare. Jonathan is based in the US, Fabric Lenny is based in the UK. The app allows them to bridge their physical distance of over 5,000 miles, and draw on each others iPads over a wireless connection. More of the images can be seen here.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Pictures and Words: Collaboration 01

Myself and Dan have just finished our first collaborative piece as part of the Pictures and Words Series. This first collaboration began by Dan sending me a piece of writing (which I thought was fantastic!). I then had to consider how I was going to produce one image to represent his words. I have loved working on this piece, although I have found it extremely challenging, and it has taken me hours and hours to finally reach a point where the image represents the style and mood I wished to capture. Here is our first collaboration...
Through a window.
You don’t need to see the weather today to know what it’s like you just need to see the people; the hardy ones; the ones that pass the window.  The shapes of their bodies tell you all you need to know.

A couple pass, their bodies contorted, lean heavily ahead of their feet as though they are slowly making their way up a mountain.  The woman, identified only by the heels she is wearing with her black suit trousers, is almost entirely smothered in an enormous silver coat. Insulation rings her body like Michelin tyres from her shoulders to her knees; disguising any body shape that may lie beneath.  Her hood, complete with brown faux fur lining, is pulled tightly over her head; her left hand gripping it across her face so that her eyes alone are revealed to the outside world.  From her right shoulder hangs a brown handbag tucked securely beneath her elbow and held firmly in place by the vice like grip of her blue tinged fingers.

And then there’s her partner. 

Perhaps only her partner for this walk; they seem so different in every way except the direction of their journeys.

He seems more defiant to the conditions, or perhaps, upon closer inspection of his grimace, more defenceless.  Scuffed trainers pound the pavement, a slight bend at the knee with each leaden step hints at the increasing weight of his sodden blue jeans.  He looks as though he’s been walking for weeks.  His hands are stuffed tightly into the pockets of what can only be described as a green summer jacket (though shirt with pockets would also do). Dark patches around his shoulders and arms confirm the inability of this flimsy jacket to repel any water.  His shoulders are hunched, leading the rest of his body; head down, tight lipped, eyes fixed firmly on his feet. Brown messy hair holds glimmering spots that gently slide down curling pathways before freeing themselves a drop at a time around his ears.

And he seems cold, much colder than the woman is in her storm shelter of a coat. He is rigid with cold.

They pass the window one step at a time, leaning into their path as though pulling trains behind them.

You don’t need to see the weather today to know what it’s like.  You just need to see the people.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Barnsley From Up High

Continuing my exploration of Barnsley through the iPhone I  found myself on the top floor of Westgate Plaza One and could not resist taking a few images to capture a view across Barnsley, possibly seen by very few Barnsley residents. I am keen to go back and capture many more images, from lots of different angles, using the changing daylight and weather patterns to influence and impact on the final images...

From Up High
Toy Town

Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Journey Continues.....

Here are another 2 images from the 'Journey' picture book that Anna is developing following her work with the children in Hoyland, Barnsley......

At The Station

Following the theme of Journey's, I am currently working on a number of images that I recently captured during a Road Trip to Newham. Here are a few images from Upton Park Station at Newham. Each images was captured on my iPhone and has been processed entirely on my iPad.

At The Station

Making Tracks

Upton Park Station

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Cardboard Model of The Cooper Gallery

It's been a busy day today, measuring up the gallery spaces at The Cooper Gallery and creating a rough and ready scale model of the space in cardboard. The idea is to use the model as a planning aid, for testing colours, working out where the artwork will go and seeing how the whole exhibition will hang together. We are also toying with the idea of putting up a temporary wall and doorway to further separate the spaces and create a different dynamic.