Thursday, 9 February 2012

154 Day 1 for me

I arrived. I had imagined (And had been doing so for days, concocting a plan in my head) that I would arrive, just set up on a spot that I would stay in until I had completed 154 drawings. This came to me as an idea whilst at the swimming pool, to start myself off on this project I would draw 154 drawings from one place, photograph each drawing in order to make a kind of film flip book. Technically I had no idea if it would work, or if it would look rubbish. Fabric Lenny had previously encouraged me to experiment with a drawing animation and that had partly fired me onto this idea. Anyway technicalities didn’t come into it yet, except from within our own brains- there was so much to look at, how do I choose? too much to draw, How do I start? Where shall I stand? Does it matter? It’s all very well Hockney saying that drawing can be an excuse to stare but then to make decisions about what you choose to draw- another step, maybe its just a diving board that you have to breathe in deeply and dive. I think I wont start just yet, I need to look around a bit,(Am I always making excuses for that start? Why? When I so love doing it?) I’ll go into the cafes for a cuppa.. and maybe a lunch before I start. Potts Bakers Kays Café Hiltons New Market Diner

 How do I choose which café? What to eat? So much choice. How do other people choose which café?, loyalties?, connections?, habit? Economics? Food? No wonder we become creatures of habit-its for an easier life- there is so much going on….

In the café-

Newborn baby and Dad?

Lots of women sitting on their own. Mother and daughter (?) in similar ponchos keep looking over at me. I suppose I imagine I’m invisible when I draw because it often feels that I inhabit a parallel universe.

“No Toast after 11,30”- why not?

Young boy completely covered over by his coat

“7?,7?7?” is called out, “here love” – the woman with 3 boys + one with his coat over his head.

“17?” over at Kays

So many glimpses of peoples lives, I start to draw, not much elbow room in winter cos wearing so much clothing. I feel a little guilty that I’m not only a furtive twitter stalker but also a life observer stalker. (bit of a cop out?)

 Drawing, -there you go- I came with an idea that I had been mulling over for a while and then after all that I change my mind …because I can.

I don’t want to familiarize myself too quickly cos then I may lose the freshness of seeing for the first time, and drawing is seeing, even if it isn’t directly observational. I want the drawings to do the seeing, + the finding out for me. That way I am “taken” on a treasure hunt? The drawing can spot a funny drain- cover or odd socks, before I can, that’s the next joy that I love, and then when I arrive home and look at the drawings again, sometimes as if for the first time.

I hadn’t felt like coming and now my heart is pumping fast with the excitement of it all.

I go outside to my spot- (Made a snap decision -there- steady on girl) it’s the entrance to the market, it’s slightly discreet, and under the staircase so not fully exposed to elements or people. I draw fast without thinking much. I pick up ideas as I go. It begins to rain and then it begins to snow. As soon as my marks get gratuitous I stop. I can come back again, and again and again- there is so much to do and see. I’m away with it, jumped, swimming strongly , thought I could do 154 drawings in one fair gulp, did 23 in 3 hours, another 131 to go and can't wait to do more and more...

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  1. These are really fab sketches, captures the people of Barnsley really well! :)