Friday, 24 February 2012

154 Day 2 too part one

Driving into the city Centre, not a cloud in the sky apart from beautiful scars from aeroplane tracks. See trees with lumps that I love, must include them in a painting soon. I like the colours of the Barnsley stone.
Cafe first?
Whats so funny is I end up , unintentionally patronising the same cafe + even sitting in the same place! which I had wanted to move from last time but already have developed a habit. You have to listen out for your number, have to locate which cafe your number relates too, makes me a little nervous - how ridiculous. I'm very close to people that I'm drawing whilst I wait- very sneaky looking. Is that an encroachment of privacy? that I'm even inspecting, at close hand the detailed pattern of someones ear? Seeing lots of heads.
Now I recognise the coleslaw as before.

Someone leans over from the adjacent cafe and chats to someone - "Good afternoon, you over having a change?" "Yes, having Shepherds pie" "Nowt wrong with that"

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