Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Pictures and Words: Collaboration 01

Myself and Dan have just finished our first collaborative piece as part of the Pictures and Words Series. This first collaboration began by Dan sending me a piece of writing (which I thought was fantastic!). I then had to consider how I was going to produce one image to represent his words. I have loved working on this piece, although I have found it extremely challenging, and it has taken me hours and hours to finally reach a point where the image represents the style and mood I wished to capture. Here is our first collaboration...
Through a window.
You don’t need to see the weather today to know what it’s like you just need to see the people; the hardy ones; the ones that pass the window.  The shapes of their bodies tell you all you need to know.

A couple pass, their bodies contorted, lean heavily ahead of their feet as though they are slowly making their way up a mountain.  The woman, identified only by the heels she is wearing with her black suit trousers, is almost entirely smothered in an enormous silver coat. Insulation rings her body like Michelin tyres from her shoulders to her knees; disguising any body shape that may lie beneath.  Her hood, complete with brown faux fur lining, is pulled tightly over her head; her left hand gripping it across her face so that her eyes alone are revealed to the outside world.  From her right shoulder hangs a brown handbag tucked securely beneath her elbow and held firmly in place by the vice like grip of her blue tinged fingers.

And then there’s her partner. 

Perhaps only her partner for this walk; they seem so different in every way except the direction of their journeys.

He seems more defiant to the conditions, or perhaps, upon closer inspection of his grimace, more defenceless.  Scuffed trainers pound the pavement, a slight bend at the knee with each leaden step hints at the increasing weight of his sodden blue jeans.  He looks as though he’s been walking for weeks.  His hands are stuffed tightly into the pockets of what can only be described as a green summer jacket (though shirt with pockets would also do). Dark patches around his shoulders and arms confirm the inability of this flimsy jacket to repel any water.  His shoulders are hunched, leading the rest of his body; head down, tight lipped, eyes fixed firmly on his feet. Brown messy hair holds glimmering spots that gently slide down curling pathways before freeing themselves a drop at a time around his ears.

And he seems cold, much colder than the woman is in her storm shelter of a coat. He is rigid with cold.

They pass the window one step at a time, leaning into their path as though pulling trains behind them.

You don’t need to see the weather today to know what it’s like.  You just need to see the people.