Friday, 16 March 2012

154 Day 3 and 4 for 1 or more

I have a good excuse- for being so long in posting my next blog, It's Spring now but in the winter, a month ago I had a sledging accident, ran over a child, the child was fine but I had to have an op on my eye- good excuse?
Straight to the cafe and braved a different one this time, but I could still draw people "Over the partition" into next door. I did some blatant voyeurism (Where's the verb in that ?) Spectator , spectator. I like drawing people half hidden, I wonder why? maybe because a bit of hiding allows the spectator to the drawing be part of the drawing as they are being silently invited to imagine- maybe its because I don't often draw whole faces...but I now know the intimate details of your ear..
It was winter for drawings nos 52- 114, and like Dan + Yvonne you don't need to ask what the weather is like, you can just look at the people. Somebody came over to have a look
" Bus Stations' centrally heated you know" seeing my dilemma, drawing in the cold.
I did nip back to the car for an extra pair of gloves. Maybe drawing with gloves on will make for an interesting freedom of marks- nope, that didn't work but I could have one hand with 2 gloves on and t'other with only 1- That's possible for controlling my lines.
I need to fall in love with that pillar on the right, it's no good just scribbling it on each time as I want it for the constant- I need to like it a bit, even love it a little. Caress those curves. Hope it's warmer next time.
Drove home, I thought I still had my seatbelt on but it was just my tight braces from my winter kegs, ooh nice feelings to get home, braces off, feet up + mull over the 54 drawings I did today of Barnsley people.

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